New wine generation

Refreshing cocktail wine with natural fruit aromas. New refreshing summer drink with low alcohol content, enriched with natural aroma of strawberry, peach, orange, lemon and apples. Perfect for relaxing and feeling vacation vibes all summer long.

About wines

Šafran Winery

Today, the Šafran Winery is the most represented Graševina variety, followed by Rhine Riesling, Manzoni, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon, Traminer fragrant and Muscat Yellow, while red wines are a favorite blend of Lovrenc, Portuguese and Blauburger.

innovative / attractive / youthful /

Summer Wine is summery, refreshing, flavored
drink produced at the Šafran Winery by maceration of Frankovka obtained from its own vineyards.
Summer Wine is enriched with selected natural aromas of strawberry, peach, orange, lemon and apple.

Instructions for use

1. Gather all your friends
2. Take a lot of ice
3. Pour summer wine
4. Put an umbrella in the drink to make you feel fancy
5. Be sure to take a picture of it for all social networks
6. Enjoy until it disappears;)

contains sulfites
alc. 13.2 vol%


Raul Ivičić


Šafran Winery

Breznica 1, Breznički Hum 42225, Croatia